Newtowne Mayday on the Charles 2008

Mayday 2008
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Stew Stryker has posted a great slideshow of May morning 2008.

Hal an tow, jolly rumbalow
We were up long before the Maypole!

Well, WE were there at 5, and anyone there at that hour doesn't need a songbook, so we sang until the Maypole arrived. The weather was cool but dry, the Lowell House receiving line warm and welcoming, and the crowd pretty good for a workday. We processed along the usual route, despite Harvard Square construction, and concluded with a fine Maypole dance by a group of local school kids whose teacher had brought them to see us as a field trip. Merry May!


Stew said…
Glad you liked the photos. It was a lot of fun taking them, though I wish you-all could do this after sun-up when the light's better! :-)

Thanks for the promo, I wondered why the visit count was so high!