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Who Sings When? Ways to Manage an Online Session Roster and Singers' Queue

When we're together in real life, there are some recognized forms of etiquette for how to manage the order in which singers follow each other in a session. What is similar, and what is different, online? Common Real-Life Models for Song Sessions POPCORN SING The most informal has been called a "popcorn sing." Each singer takes their turn as the spirit moves them, in response to a segue or as in conversation. This works great for a smaller group, and/or for singers who know each other as a community. CIRCLE SING (TALKING STICK) This is the most common format for more than 20 singers, and/or at a festival or event where people don't know each other well. Participants sit in a circle. The session compere starts the session and indicates the direction around the circle. The compere may provide a talking stick or a twig as a tangible item that gets passed around the circle so everyone can see whose turn it is. CURATED SING These are less common IRL in North America, but