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Q&A For Online Sessions III: Managing Performers, Singers, and Listeners

This is the third in a multipart series of Q&A* about the burning question of the hour in the Corona Kerfuffle. How can we sing together on the internet?! Part I reviews the basic question of Is It My App or My Internet? with tips on how to check your network latency (lag time) for live digital video and audio.

I spent six hours in Donegal last weekend with the Inishowen Trad Song Circle and learned a lot about livestreaming and effective session hosting. We've since applied our learnings to the Online Ballad Sing, the Portland Pub Sing, a houseconcert with Debra Cowan, and a ballad class and session with Elizabeth LaPrelle.
Mute, Friends, Mute with CareCONCERTS: Zoom For Performers, Facebook Live For AudienceSESSIONS: Zoom For Singers, Facebook Live For ListenersUsing Chat for Requests and as a Singers' QueueOnline Etiquette for Hosts and ComperesOnline Etiquette for Singers in Meetings

Q&A for Online Sessions II: Livestreaming Setup Checklist

This is the second in a multipart series of Q&A* about the burning question of the hour in the Corona Kerfuffle. How can we sing together on the internet?!  Part I covers the core question of why lag (latency) is a fact of life and what, if anything, we can do about it. This Part II provides a Livestream Setup Checklist of how to use Zoom and Facebook Live together to broadcast a houseconcert with a remote host and manage a smaller group of singers/workshop participants with a larger group of listeners.Part III provides tips and tricks from recent experience on how to create and cultivate community for feature artists, singers, and listeners online.Refresher: What Gear Do I Need?Check your internet with to make sure you have enough bandwidth for livestreaming. See my post "Is It The App, or My Internet?" for details.Check out this excellent post on Recommended Equipment from DIY Video for Bloggers. Don't be afraid to start with what you have.Review my p…