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Q&A For Online Sessions III: Managing Performers, Singers, and Listeners

This is the third in a multipart series of Q&A* about the burning question of the hour in the Corona Kerfuffle. How can we sing together on the internet?! Part I reviews the basic question of Is It My App or My Internet? with tips on how to check your network latency (lag time) for live digital video and audio. I spent six hours in Donegal last weekend with the Inishowen Trad Song Circle and learned a lot about livestreaming and effective session hosting. We've since applied our learnings to the Online Ballad Sing, the Portland Pub Sing, a houseconcert with Debra Cowan, and a ballad class and session with Elizabeth LaPrelle. Mute, Friends, Mute with Care CONCERTS: Zoom For Performers, Facebook Live For Audience SESSIONS: Zoom For Singers, Facebook Live For Listeners Using Chat for Requests and as a Singers' Queue Online Etiquette for Hosts and Comperes Online Etiquette for Singers in Meetings

Q&A for Online Sessions II: Livestreaming Setup Checklist

This is the second in a multipart series of Q&A* about the burning question of the hour in the Corona Kerfuffle.  How can we sing together on the internet?!  Part I  covers the core question of why lag (latency) is a fact of life and what, if anything, we can do about it.  This  Part II  provides a  Livestream Setup Checklist  of how to use Zoom and Facebook Live together to broadcast a houseconcert with a remote host and manage a smaller group of singers/workshop participants with a larger group of listeners. Part III  provides tips and tricks from recent experience on how to create and cultivate community for feature artists, singers, and listeners online. Refresher: What Gear Do I Need? Check your internet with to make sure you have enough bandwidth for livestreaming. See my post " Is It The App, or My Internet? " for details. Check out this excellent post on Recommended Equipment from DIY Video for Bloggers. Don't be afraid to start wi