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Q&A for Online Sessions I: Is It The App, Or My Internet?

This is the first in a multipart series of Q&A* about the burning question of the hour in the Corona Kerfuffle. How can we sing together on the internet?!  This Part I covers the core question of why lag (latency) is a fact of life and what, if anything, we can do about it.  Part II provides a Livestream Setup Checklist of how to use Zoom and Facebook Live together to broadcast a houseconcert with a remote host and manage a smaller group of singers/workshop participants with a larger group of listeners. Part III will provide some tips and tricks from recent experience on how to create and cultivate community for artists, singers, and listeners online. Why Can't We Sing Together Online? Here's a real-life question I got tagged in today. "I just tried to have a singing practice with my singing partner on-line, but it was a bust! With Zoom, the audio cut out whenever I was singing - so I could no longer hear her. She had the same experience. Useful for a meet