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Crosscurrents: Have I really been at this for 20 years?

Since 1986, I have been researching and presenting traditional music, living history, and heritage interpretation under the banner of Crosscurrents: Sense of Place in Song and Story. Sometimes called Bluewater and Whitewater Music, this work has taken me down wild rivers in every province and territory in Canada; to a Russian monastery and an Icelandic glacier; to a shamanic workshop on the ancient Vikings; and to untold maritime adventures, from being rescued by a Newfoundland dog in Boston Harbor to sailing a tall ship in Penobscot Bay. And then there was celebrating my birthday at a whisky distillery...not to mention my current adventures of joining a Breton folk-rock band and running a monthly chantey sing at MIT. In celebration of the past 20 years of musical journeys, I decided to start this blog to share my newest research and to make myself write down some of the more splendid memories. I hope to find blogging informal enough that these tales would actually get written down,