Christmas Mummers Kit

The Book of Christmas: Descriptive of the Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions ... By Thomas Kibble Hervey:

"The costume accoutrements mummers appear to be pretty generally of the same kind and for the most part to resemble those of morris dancers They are thus correctly described by Mr Sandys St George and the other tragic performers wear white trowsers and waistcoats showing their shirt sleeves and are much decorated with ribbons and handkerchiefs each carrying a drawn sword in his hand if they can be procured otherwise a cudgel They wear high caps of pasteboard covered with fancy paper adorned with beads small pieces of looking glass bugles &c several long strips of pith generally hanging down from the top with shreds of different colored cloth strung on them the whole having a fanciful and smart effect The Turk sometimes has a turban Father Christmas is personified as a grotesque old man"